Psychic Tarot Reading

“Esther-Maria Lindner is a clear Seer who has the ability to see straight through your layers into your highest light.”

der hierophantTarot has been used as divination tool for centuries.  For me the cards are telling a story, and a different story for each person.  The cards are merely an energetic trigger as I am in direct communication with spirit.  Most of my readings are in relation to current situations and the near future.  The readings shed light onto what is going on in your life, what are your options, what is required of you or what do you need to look at in this situation, and where does the current course of action leads you.  Sometimes in these readings spirit guides or loved ones in the spirit world present themselves however I leave it up to them to present themselves if they have an important message but don’t believe in actively call them in and disturb their work and their peace.

I offer two different types of readings:

  • 30 minute, $55 reading either voice recorded via skype or in person
  • or an email based 15min Mini Reading, $30,  that focuses on one area in your life, and will be sent to you as an email or mp3 file.  You can read more about Mini Readings here.

To arrange a reading please contact me either via email or text me to 0423949377.

Gift Vouchers are available for these readings by emailing me with the subject line gift voucher, providing the name for whom the voucher is for and whether it is for a 30 minute reading or a Mini Reading.

Here some testimonials from some of my clients:

“Thank you so much for the readings! You are so very insightful & accurate! I will listen to them carefully again in the next days”

“I would like to say wow that was amazing and I loved it, I am sure I am going to listen to this over and over again.”

“Thank you so so much for the reading. It means so much to me. Your readings all ring true and I am so so appreciative.”

“that was amazing thank you”

“That was wonderful :) You hit the nail on the head so many times in 12 minutes! “

“Thank you so much for your kindness and your counsel. I have listened to it several times now.. and its just sinking in..”

“Thank you so much. I’ve been listening to it every day for the past 2 weeks, and it always uplifts me.  So much of it has already come to pass!!!”

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