dreamcatcher 2Dreamcatcher is not like dreamcatcher.  They are shields of power, magic and protection.  They are powerful tools to support your dreaming and protect you while you astral travel.  Traditionally the mother wove these for the children, or the medicine person wove it for people in the tribe.  However nowadays many people buy dreamcatcher that have been mass produced, and are merely decorative objects but don’t hold any of its traditional power and magic.

If a dreamcatcher is made in the traditional way, following the traditional ceremony, it has great power to capture any bad thoughts and dreams and only let the good ones the positive dreams and the positive guidance through.  It protects the person it is made for from any negative energies.

While making a dreamcatcher spirit often gifts many messages, and spirit guides the process, the materials, and the timing (i.e. particular moondreamcatcher phase). If you would like to receive a dreamcatcher that was personally woven for you, for your protection, please contact me for more information.  The conversation can determine if any other energies need to be woven into the energetic fabric of the protective tool.  This could be guidance from a totem, this could be fertility magic, this could be healing.

A standard, personalised dreamcatcher costs $150 plus postage, which includes a voice recording of the messages received during its production.

If you have any further question please contact esther@kindledspirit.com.au

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