Spirit Work

Over the many years I have had the opportunities to learn with many different teachers and medicine people.  When people ask me “What do you do?” I find it very hard to give it a name or to rattle off the categories of work I’ve been doing and teaching.  Also I don’t agree with giving myself names and titles, which is why to best describe what I do I have to say “SPIRIT WORK”.

Everything I do without exception is directed by spirit.  Whether I teach Reiki, hold ceremony, conduct a reading, do a energy and chakra balance, clear someone’s space, support someone with their fertility or birth…or do everything at the same moment / session / class.  The work I do simply is spirit work; I am merely the vessel, the channel, the messenger.  Guided by spirit am I able to shed light, guide, inspire, release, awaken, cleanse, motivate, support and heal.

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