Natural Fertility Enhancement

The Arvigo Technique of Mayan Abdominal Therapy includes a three month and a one month program to support you naturally in your fertility enhancement.

What can you expect in a three month program?

  • It is suggested you visit an Arvigo Practitioner weekly for 2 weeks and then monthly.  Please schedule your visit for right after your menstruation.
  • You will be taught self-care techniques which we ask you to perform daily – except during your menstruation and if their is any chance of you having fallen pregnant.
  • It is recommended that for the duration of the 3 month program you abstain from unprotected intercourse.
  • You’ll be encouraged to also consult a naturopath to support you with herbal remedies and nutritional guidelines during this time.

What can you expect in the one month program?

  • This program is for women who are already actively trying to conceive.
  • The initial session will need to be scheduled as soon after your menstruation as possible and prior to ovulation.
  • Again it is recommended to see the practitioner weekly then monthly unless conception has occured.
  • The client will be learning self-care practices which are recommended to be applied daily until ovulation, and discontinued until after the next menstruation if unprotected intercourse has occured.

If you have any more questions or would like to book your first session contact Esther on 0423949377 or email her

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