Birth Doula

First and foremost as a birth doula I acknowledge birth as a sacred and natural process. I honor the birthing woman, her wishes, and acknowledge that she is the only authority of her body and her birth. She is the heroine of her birth, I am merely her support standing in the background.

As a birth doula I am a trained and experienced birth companion, who has various skills to support you, the parents, through pregnancy, labour and birth. The role of the doula is one of emotional, mental and physical support only, and will not include medical support. My assistance to you will be independent of your medical staff and I will fully honor and respect your choices for your birth.

As a birth doula I will meet with you frequently throughout your pregnancy in order to assist your information gathering on birthing strategies, hospital protocols, and post-natal care in order to prepare the couple for their birthing experience.  Furthermore I will help you with relaxation techniques, and can further assist you through pregnancy massage or Reiki.

By being well educated on all matters of birth, the mother will retain full control over her birth experience and would be encouraged to write her wishes for her birth into a birth plan which she submits to the hospital / OB/ Midwife. The doula has no involvement in the creation of the birth plan other then providing objective information resources and the encouragement of the mother to make a decition.

Every birth is unique. There are no two births that are the same. However by being well prepared, anxiety levels will be significantly lower during labour and therefore allow the mother to surrender to her birth and contractions.

If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0423949377 or via email

Below are only a few extracts of testimonials received from previous clients:

J.C.: “Esther-Maria Simchen was an incredible support person during my pregnancy and for the birth. […].She helped to reduce my anxiety by discussing my emotional wellbeing and relaxed me mentally by giving me Reiki. […] When contractions began, Esther arrived at my house, hepled cook dinner and helped to relax me before the contractions became closer together.  She made me teas, got me water, ice, electrolytes, wheat bags, ice packs, massage, physical strength, support.  She showerd me, and I felt calm and ready. Esther really helped to reduce my anxiety and prepared me for my natural birht. I felt uninhibited and fee to become primal in my contractions. […] She assisted me in checking in, cuddled me when I cried, and helped me bathe before the birth. She continued massage, heped direct my other support person and all the time she reassured me. […] I felt very lucky to have Esther as my doula. What an incredible support. I would recommend her to anyone preparing for birth.”

K.C.: “Before I met you, I was feeling quite apprehensive and fearful about the birthing process. I never imagined that giving birth could be such a positive and empowering experience. I know for a fact that I couldn’t have achieved the amazing birth that I did without your help. You provided me with the information and resources that gave me the confidence and knowledge to transform my attitude and thoughts about labour and my body. Thank you so much for the time you have spent with me and my husband preparing us for our daughter’s birth. We both felt relaxed and empowerd for the birth. My labour was long and arduous but you were there with us the whole way. You helped me with every single contraction and supported me throughout the whole labour. Even at the toughest moments of the birth I always felt reassured by your words and presence. Finally our little miracle arrived and I am extremely proud that I was able to achieve a natural birth.  Your care, kindness and friendship means a lot to me. We will always think of you with love and gratitude for the role you played in the birth of our precious little girl.”

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