Conscious Intention for Co-Creation

Conception ; Our highest creative potential made manifest though the seed of intent & love.

by Marieke van der Leest

by Marieke van der Leest

Our children are our future – through the act of conscious conception, pregnancy and birth we can change the world we live in, as we prepare the way for high frequency beings.

This is held at the Findhorn Foundation please book here.

This is an engaging journey where we expand, and anchor your intention of conscious conception through story telling, ceremony, meditation, inner journeying, and creative expression.

  • Weaving the power of intent to conceive
  • Conscious Conception Meditations
  • Tapping into the wisdom, and activating the power of alchemy held within the medicine wheel for our concepiton journey
  • Imagery for creative body-mind expansion
  • Inner & Outer reflections of the Journey
  • Anchoring intent
  • Tools to support conception
  • and much more.
by Marieke van der Leest

by Marieke van der Leest

Whether you are single and only contemplating to have children later, or whether you are actively trying to conceive a child this journey will activate and expand your consciousness about the sacred journey of conception.

Conscious Conception and Conscious Pregnancy are multi-dimensional. Through the act of consciously conceiving our children by connecting with their souls pre-conception, and clearing our body, mind and spirit of toxicity, old patterning and emotions, we can bring a child to their full potential and birth high frequency beings. Naturally we need to become a conscious vessel and maintain that throughout the pregnancy by working on our emotional state, clearing any new emotions and trauma, while supporting our body, mind and spirit.

This is a 7 Day Conscious Conception Journey at the Findhorn Foundation in September 2016 Findhorn Foundation – Conscious Conception

This is held at the Findhorn Foundation please book here.

Testimonials from previous (mini) 2 day versions of this session:

“I really enjoyed my weekend and absolutely loved being in that space you and Marekie created. Loved being there with you and seeing you so passionate with your work”

“Dear Esther, […] I found your ability to hold space absolutely incredible and I felt incredible safe in your space, safe enough to speak up. I am truly grateful for your wisdom and grace – it made absolutely all the difference to my experience, and allowed me to actually take something powerful away from the weekend.”





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