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Please note that the Inner Alchemy Program is offered as a distant skype and email based program.  It is recommended to commence this at a new or full moon depending on the students intentions.  Please contact me for more information.

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Conscious Conception

18th  November 2017, Findhorn Foundation, Scotland

Through the process of conscious conception we can truly step into positive energies to make a profound impact on this earth. As we are working towards being conscious and clear vessels for conceiving our spirit child, we clear old believe systems, genetic emotional / mental / spiritual patterning and step into conscious responsibility for creating a member of the next society, generation and group of leaders / voters.

We not only learn ways to connect to our spirit child but consciously address our value systems and believe systems, our interconnectedness, our soul contracts, and identify support systems we can utilise in our conception journey.
Conception should really begin before we even consider conception. Every action, every pregnancy, every birthed child is impacting this world for the next 7 generations. Lay a strong foundation!

All Bookings are via The Findhorn Foundation. Please use the below link:

Conscious Conception, 18th November 2017, at the Findhorn Foundation.

Inner Alchemy, 2. December 2017, at the Findhorn Foundation

You can read more about Inner Alchemy and experience a small introduction to this program in my blog series.

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