Alchemical Self Transformation

This four months program has been developed by Esther to introduce you to the alchemical power of the 4 major elements. It is a foundation program that can stand alone to allow you to create alchemical transformation in your life.  By connecting with 4 different aspects of who you are in the right order this program will support you on your journey to yourself, as well as empower you to make manifest your dreams on earth.  Graduates of this program can apply to the second level of the program, which runs for 3 months.

The core of the program is based on a medicine journey through air, fire, water, and earth, closing the circle of life, and using the power of the circle of life for your alchemical transformation.  Each month we will use ceremony, art, meditation, sharing, color therapy, crystal healing and more as tools to connect with the element in question.

Please note that this program is designed to be self empowering, asking you to be engaged and actively participate and transform, by sharing and expressing in a sacred safe space.  It’s not meant to be the one quick pill you take as a quick fix, but rather as a journey in which I offer you some profound tools I’ve been gathering and using over the past 12 years. These tools will allow you a greater understanding of all the different aspects of your own make up, and through that find a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you.  This alchemical process should assist you in understanding your dreams and visions and how to go about manifesting them.

In the first month we will connect to the element of air, the sunrise, the new beginnings.  In this month you are encouraged to dream and be inspired but also challenged to let go of your negative thinking, and understanding where your thoughts and believes have originated.

In the second month we will journey deep into the fire, the active principle.  Connecting you to your passion, courage, and encourage you to take charge of your life, and activate your dreams.

The third month is a month of surrender, a month of deep introspection, a month to test our faith in spirit, a month to feel, and to connect to our emotional and intuitive world. A month of endings, of personal death, of our preparation for rebirth. Allow yourself to flow in the current of your life energy and surrender to your world around you.

To end the journey,  we connect with the physical principle of our lives – with our physical bodies, with our ancestors, with our physical world, with the bones. This is where we experience our physical manifestations of our thought realms.

If you feel incomplete, or if you feel stuck, seemingly unable to break out of your self created hamster wheel, or if you feel that you need to transform yourself in order to connect deeper with your true essence and therefore manifesting your life purpose here on earth, or if you simply wish to learn about the elements their power and pick up some tools for your self-help kit, this program could be for you.

Students of this program are required to commit to all 4 sessions.

Here is a 4 month free taste of what will be explored in a lot more depth and personalised guidance and coaching in this 4 months journey

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