A. W.:

“I found your ability to hold space absolutely incredible and I felt incredible safe in your space, safe enough to speak up. I am truly grateful for your wisdom and grace – it made absolutely all the difference to my experience, and allowed me to actually take something powerful away from the weekend”

Sarah K Jones:

“Esther has a passion for healing that is a rare combination of empathy and integrity.
There are very few healers that I will work with intimately to support my own journey, and Esther is one of them.
Esther brings a level of depth to her work that is highly sought after yet rarely found.”

Franka H.:

“Esther has a variety of services to offer, regardless what you choose you wont regret having seen her. She is very passionate about what she does, very gentle and knowledgeable. Can highly recommend her (have used her services as Doula, reiki as well as massage therapist).”

Kate C.:

“Through my treatments and learnings with Kindled Spirit I have found that Esther creates an exceptional space for deep healing and transformation. She is extremely knowledgable and so driven by the desire for deep healing and self empowerment that it is hard not to transform under her guidance. I would highly recomend Esther to guide you through your Journey.”


“Esther is such a nurturing and caring practitioner. She is my go-to when I need extra guidance and insight. I highly recommend Esther’s services may it be massage or readings. I have had both several times and I always feel supported and wiser each time. Esther practices in a very grounded and spiritual connected way, she is truly gifted and I know you will enjoy her services as I have.”

Testimonials on Conscious Conception:

Absolutely completely beautiful, can’t tell you how grateful we are!! So so helpful,[….], your amazing THANKYOU!!!

“Para mi es lo mas significando y mas profundo una verdadera ensenanza”   [translation: For me it is the most meaningful and deepest true teaching]

“It stunned me, inspired me, empowered me and brought me home to myself.” 

“I can apply and play with my new tools at every time and everywhere.”

“It exceeded my expectations”

“I did not expect the profound effects it had on my personal growth.”

“The depth of knowledge of Esther, her passion for conscious birth and conception is contagious. The personal shares, deep realizations, clearence of previous traumas”

Speaking about the highlights of the 7 Day Conscious Conception Program:

“How seamlessly the traditional wisdom Esther offered was composed into a curriculum.”

“The various rituals outside were magnificent.”


Testimonial Birth Work:

Melissa I. F.:

“Leading up to the birth of my first baby.. Esther provided me with both reiki and preparations for the delivery. I had always planned to have drugs to intervene the pain, however with hypno birthing tips and other strategies Esther gave me I managed to do my labour completely drug free! For any pregnant woman, I  would not hesitate recommended Esther for doula and birthing preparations as she was absolutely fantastic!!”

Debborah G.:

“Esther, you were an amazing support in the lead up and during the birth of Emilie. We were so lucky to have you around – you knew intuitively what we all needed and your support was spot on! Esther + Calmbirth + water birth = one EMPOWERING experience. Thank you so much xoxo”

Jarrah C.:

“Esther-Maria Simchen was an incredible support person during my pregnancy and for the birth. […].She helped to reduce my anxiety by discussing my emotional wellbeing and relaxed me mentally by giving me Reiki. […] When contractions began, Esther arrived at my house, helped cook dinner and helped to relax me before the contractions became closer together.  She made me teas, got me water, ice, electrolytes, wheat bags, ice packs, massage, physical strength, support.  She showered me, and I felt calm and ready. Esther really helped to reduce my anxiety and prepared me for my natural birth. I felt uninhibited and fee to become primal in my contractions. […] She assisted me in checking in, cuddled me when I cried, and helped me bathe before the birth. She continued massage, helped direct my other support person and all the time she reassured me. […] I felt very lucky to have Esther as my doula. What an incredible support. I would recommend her to anyone preparing for birth.”

Katia C.: “Before I met you, I was feeling quite apprehensive and fearful about the birthing process. I never imagined that giving birth could be such a positive and empowering experience. I know for a fact that I couldn’t have achieved the amazing birth that I did without your help. You provided me with the information and resources that gave me the confidence and knowledge to transform my attitude and thoughts about labour and my body. Thank you so much for the time you have spent with me and my husband preparing us for our daughter’s birth. We both felt relaxed and empowered for the birth. My labour was long and arduous but you were there with us the whole way. You helped me with every single contraction and supported me throughout the whole labour. Even at the toughest moments of the birth I always felt reassured by your words and presence. Finally our little miracle arrived and I am extremely proud that I was able to achieve a natural birth.  Your care, kindness and friendship means a lot to me. We will always think of you with love and gratitude for the role you played in the birth of our precious little girl.”

Testimonial Mentorship Program:

Ambre H.:

I have completed the Women’s Mentoring program developed by Esther. To say that it changed my life doesn’t even come close to honoring the experiences and teachings I have received both from Esther and within myself. For a long time I felt stuck by stagnant energy and old life patterns. The past 8 months have enabled myself to unravel and my connection with my Higher Self to deepen. I came to this program timid, yet yearning to awaken; I conclude daring myself to embrace change in all moments. I surrendered and was held by the fellow women in the program and by Esther’s sacred energy.


I have also completed Reiki Jin Kei Do Level 1 and Level 2 with Esther and couldn’t imagine experiencing this energy with anyone else. So if you are reading this and wondering if working with Esther is the next step for you; than I highly recommend contacting her right now. Sit with her; feel her energy. She is a true gift to all and you will be blessed to work with her.

Testimonials on readings:

Hi Esther
This all resonates so much with me. Thank you so much. […] […] You are so gifted. I cannot thank you enough Esther. I am so appreciative. xx”

“Thank you so much for the readings! You are so very insightful & accurate! I will listen to them carefully again in the next days”

“Thank you so so much for the reading. It means so much to me. Your readings all ring true and I am so so appreciative.”

“that was amazing thank you”

“That was wonderful :) You hit the nail on the head so many times in 12 minutes! “

“Thank you so much for your kindness and your counsel. I have listened to it several times now.. and its just sinking in..”

“Thank you so much. I’ve been listening to it every day for the past 2 weeks, and it always uplifts me.  So much of it has already come to pass!!!”

Testimonials on Reiki Jin Kei Do


“My weekend of Reiki was a “delicious” spiritual journey for me. I not only met and learned about the lives of four fantastic women but I learned a great deal about myself. I am now moving forward with my life with a fearless, selfless and extremely positive attitude.

The weekend was the most relaxing and rewarding weekend that I have ever had, I even sacrificed “Paddy’s Day” for Reiki, which I am so grateful for now. The sense of peace while learning Reiki is phenomenal. It takes my spirituality to another level. I now not only have the understanding of how it all works but now I have a better outlook on life and the universe as well as each human being around me.

Esther is the most amazing, spiritual, knowledgeable, loving and Delicious Reiki Master there is. I cannot imagine being taught by anyone better. She cares about each student she teaches and pays so much attention to each individual. I would recommend her to anyone that is interested in learning Reiki.

I look forward to utilising my gift every day moving forward and can’t wait until Reiki part 2.”

Adelaide D.:

“I can only highly recommend any workshop or treatment with Esther! My journey with her has started with a Reiki treatments, then a meditation workshop, following by my Reiki Jin Kei Do Level 1 and recently Level 2. Esther is now a beloved friend and our journey together is only starting! She is such a light worker and loving person! Thanks Esther to be here, supporting my life transformation & awakening to my amazing purpose !”


“Esther is amazing. I have had quite a number of reiki and meditation sessions with Esther and after I have always felt so much lighter than before. Her gentle compassionate approach makes you feel so special and loved. Esther has the ability to tap into all levels needed for your healing. She is an amazing mentor as well and such an inspiration.”



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