Yes you have read that correctly –  YONI STEAM!!!
A yoni steam is the greatest gift a woman can gift herself and a long lost ancient healing method that has been used and has been taught by women and birth workers from different traditions around the globe. A vaginal steam has traditionally been, and should once again be, an essential weekly ritual to maintain reproductive wellbeing, to manage any reproductive pathologies, to prevent reproductive pathologies and to reconnect to her divine feminine.
As a practitioner of the Arvigo Technique of Mayan Abdominal Therapy and having personally done plenty of yoni steams myself, I can more then HIGHLY recommend any woman to do at least one, and best 4-8 steams a cycle depending on her individual cycle.  It supports women on ALL LEVELS.  Body, mind and spirit.
Here are some key benefits of a yoni steam:
  • regulates menstruation
  • warms your womb and your ovaries (barefoot walking especially on cold tiles and other cold floors chills ovaries and impacts their health and fertility)
  • tones the womb
  • assists when experiencing dry vagina during intercourse
  • assists with period pain, chronic pelvic pain, endometriosis (steam the first day just at the first onset and / or day before your bleed)
  • assist with IVF and as well as natural conception – steam the day before implantation (IVF) or steam the day before or morning of ovulation – before intercourse
  • assist with flushing of the vagina from residue / old blood
  • do when suffering from any of these – fibroids, polyps, PCOS, cysts, menopause, vaginal infections, yeast infections
  • supports pelvic bowl health and tone
  • reconnects you to your feminine core
  • nurtures and loves your creative centre and power centre
  • process of honouring your core feminine power and essence
  • As the steam also goes up the rectal passage it assists with any issues such as rectal pain during menstruation, chronic constipation, etc
  • it supports women after birth as it will assist the healing of episiotomies or tears
  • Supports your ORGASMIC NAUTRE – so please do it before your love making 😉 hehehe
Now here the precautions and CONTRAINDICATIONS!
  • make sure its not too HOT so not to burn your yoni – test the steam before you sit down.
  • Do not do the steam when pregnant,
  • Do not do the steam after ovulation if you are consciously and actively trying to conceive
  • Do not do when you have an IUD
  • Do not do when you have active inflammation (i.e. cystitis)
  • Do not do a steam if you have a prolapsed ring
  • Do not do a steam during your menstruation
  • Do not use essential oils or tinctures or spices
Set up ideas:
  • either get a cheap chair and cut a hole in it, then create a funnel out of towels and sarongs for the steam to be directed in a funnel towards your yoni and rectal passage
  • place to chairs with a gap next to each other and create a funnel of towels
  • use a pot with two handles and hang it into the toilet bowl under the toilet seat (make sure the toilet is very very clean before you do this)
  • get a squatting chair or use a birthing chair
  • if you come up with a different idea and set up please let me know
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So how do you do it?:

  • Use dried or fresh herbs (here some ideas – calendula, lavender, chamomile, nettle, basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, mugwort, rose, yarrow, red clover)
  • choose your herbs intuitively, with gratitude and prayer
  • place about a cup of dried herbs or two cups of fresh herbs into a pot and add some cold water
  • bring to the boil with a closed lid – choose positive thoughts, prayers, mantras, or play beautiful music
  • set up a steam chair by creating a funnel for the steam with some towels and around the outside of the chair as well so that no steam can escape.
  • Make sure you have warm feet – wear socks and or shoes – you don’t want to chill your ovaries again
  • when the water has come to a boil you take the hot pot and some heat resisting safe board or set to place the pot on, and you place it under the chair, and surround the pot with the towel funnel to funnel the steam to the Yoni
  • remove your underwear, and sit on the hole of the chair
  • you might wish to separate your bum cheeks a little to allow the steam better access
  • stay on the steam for 15-30 minutes – depending on the steaminess of your pot
  • I highly recommend to use the time of the steam to meditate on your inner feminine. Breathe into your Yoni, breathe into your womb, breathe into your ovaries, and really connect with all of your deep feminine.
This is such powerful Self-Care practice and I truly hope you get a lot out of it.  The real benefits will become apparent after a few moon cycles of conducting the steams.
If you are interested to learn more about Yoni Steams or wish to support your new health care / self-care with some Mayan Abdominal Therapy, please contact me at or find another Arvigo practitioner in your area
If you have any health conditions that are of concern please contact a physician or local Arvigo Therapist before self-treating with a steam. Please note if you do this you will do it at your own risk, which is why it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to first see an Arvigo Therapist who will teach you the best practices and safest practices of Vaginal Steams.

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