Welcome to the 15th week of this 4 months journey.

The past three month we explored faster moving elements.  In the first month we explored the air energy, our mental realm, where things move really fast. Air gives life – breath of life. Air requires trust as its invisible. Air can blow and move things very fast. The second month we explored fire, which can be destructive or life giving depending on what we feed it and how much we feed it.  fire requires earth and air to come to life, and it is also fast moving when it is over fed. In the third month we explored water, which taught has about the flow of life, surrender and letting go.

Earth is quite different to the other three elements.  Earth is solid.  Earth is difficult to move.  Earth is visible. Earth is harder to penetrate. Earth can be shaped into form. Earth can be moulded. Earth can be alive and life giving. Earth can die. Earth is the reflection of Air, Water and Fire.

So this week we truly deep dive into the earth element by consciously observing how we are treating the physical manifestation of our mind, emotion, and energy – our body. Our body is the barometer of the soul.  It reflects to us through its state of vitality and energy and health three things – the state of our emotions, the state of our minds, and how we are nurturing its core energy.  We are what we eat, we are what we put onto our body, we are what we think, we are what we feel.  This is not new, but how aware are we about our own body.  When we understand the energies and the requirements of our own body, when we understand what we feed it, what we put on it, how we treat it, we know that those energies and those manifestation energies are rippling into all other aspects of our life and therefore manifestation – from our community, our work, our home.

Lets take the earth element as an example in old time farming.  In traditional farming a farming family had several fields, but always only one was planted each year and then the active field was rotated among the fields, giving the other fields time to rest and rejuvenate.  This has been forgotten as our greed and need for more has pushed us to poison the land with more and more and more fertiliser until we overworked the land and it dies.  The same happens with our bodies.  If we push and push and push them to function and work at their peaks at all times and don’t give resting periods, and if we only feed them chemical derived fertilisers through digestion and topical via our largest organ the skin the body is under constant stress and won’t even totally rest at night when we sleep.

So earth, our bodies really teach us about the crucial winter and night periods in our lives.  Every project, every business, every home, every car, everything in the physical realm needs nurture, needs the best food, and resting periods. Otherwise it breaks, burns out, dies, and so do your projects and intentions.

This week I like you to use the night to rest your mind, your emotions. Disconnect from Facebook, disconnect, from the internet, disconnect from the TV.  Feed yourself wholesome organic foods and move stuck and sluggish old energies and toxins out of your body by having a massage, or do some yoga, and go to a sauna.  This week really nurture your body, and notice how vitality returns to your body and through that your thoughts, emotions, projects and everything else starts flourishing.  Know however that when you have overloaded your system for long enough a period of purging its toxicity needs to happen beforehand.

So this week I invite you to find the balance between rest and action.



Also I would like to encourage you to watch some documentaries such as:

The Story of Cosmetics


Food Matters

Toxic Cosmetics

Removing Toxicity David Wolfe

You Are What You Eat TedTalk

The Truth About Your Food

If this is your first visit to the Inner Alchemy or if you have missed a previous week I would highly recommend you to watch the weeks in sequence and start at the beginning or at the week where you paused your journey.

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