The past 3 months we travelled through 3 different gateways of the sun, 3 different elemental gateways.  We explored the heart and mind energies, we explored our spirit, our courage and we explored our intuition and depth of emotion, in formulating our purpose and divine inspiration for manifestation.  This week we enter the gateway of the night, the gateway of winter, the gateway of earth and ancestors. This week we start the anchoring process of our mental emotional spiritual energies on the physical plane, and allow it the time it needs to blossom.


If you have not seen all of the videos that come before this week, I would highly recommend you to begin the journey at the beginning or fill in any blanks in between.  Here links to the sessions that have gone before this weeks’:

Week 1,

Week 9

Week 8

Week 7

Week 6

Week 5

Week 4

Week 3

Week 2

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