In week 12 of this 4 month program of inner alchemy we deep dive into the element water and become it in all its states and shapes.  By becoming water we embody its essence, its teachings its magic. I invite you to do this guided meditation every evening at sunset if you can.  If possible listen to it while witnessing a sunset near a body of water, while standing in rain, or snow.

This coming week is a transition week, in which you transition between two elements.  You master water, you fully embody it and you transition into the new form and shape of the final element.  This is at perfect timing as we end the year 2015 and begin the year 2016.  Perfect timing to move from flow and surrender into physical manifestation, and shaping, into solid rooting of our divine inspiration.

So this week, be conscious of your own flow and internal journey and how it is directly reflected in your external world.

And as we shape shift and transform.  So does the medium through which you receive this weeks journey. An audio file instead of a movie file allows you to truly listen and connect.  To journey and let your own imagination work of you.

See you next week.



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