After following the sun from the Sunset in the East, exploring the element air, across the midday sky, exploring fire, we are now entering the gate of the sunset, the element water.

Here, at the end of the day, at the end of this year, we are coming into stillness and silence.  Where we observe, surrender to the processes we set in motion over the past two months and say goodbye to our old lives. We are traveling through the setting sun, through the gateway of death into our new life.

Last month you have kick started your new projects, you have been inspired and afterwards lit the fire within. You have put out the command of your creation intent and you have started creating.  This week we are stepping into surrendering to the process and find the stillness that allows us to travel in faith and trust, to observe ourselves traveling down the stream of life.

As this happens a lot of emotions will come to the surface. Take this time to deep dive and observe. Do not act or react. Just sit and witness. Witness yourself, witness your emotions, witness what is presented to you.

If you have missed the beginning of this journey, I would like to recommend you to go back to week 1 and actually start from the beginning. You find the first session of this alchemical journey here.

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