Welcome once again to this 4 months free workshop that introduces you to the power of Inner Alchemy as a transformational and empowering manifestation journey through the medicine wheel. If this is the first time you come across this site, I invite you to start at week 1 by clicking here.

This week is week 8 of this journey and our last week in this element fire. What an adventure it has been. Raising your core energy, empowering yourself, becoming conscious if you have self-worth issues leading you to feed your fire with fear, or if you believe in yourself and feed your fire with love.  We have empowered and activated our cosmic spark, to fully step into our full potential and placing the command into the matrix.  This week we are becoming the phoenix and burn away the last limitations or blocks that hold us back from creating and acting upon our divine inspiration. We let go of the coward energy of perfectionism, and let go of the need to control perfect timing.


Please note, just like the theme of this weeks energy – not needing everything to be perfect. Our camera equipment failed us this week and the footage is everything but perfect. But once again we have a choice. Needing everything to be perfect or trusting that the message itself is strong enough as that is what had to come through and be set up by spirit in that very moment.



If you have missed the beginning of this journey, I would like to recommend you to go back to week 1 and actually start from the beginning. You find the first session of this alchemical journey here.

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