Wow, week 5.  A new step, phase, energy on this journey of inner alchemy. Creating and manifesting without through a deep journey within.

The past 4 weeks we invited new beginnings, divine illumination, divine inspiration, new ideas.  We invited the element air and the sunrise to blow away any blocks and to bring to our consciousness a new pathway, a new beginning.

This week we take the next step in this cyclical manifestation journey.  As we follow the sun to a new time and energy zone.  We meet the sun at midday, and connect with the ball of fire, and through it we allow our inner fire and life force to be rejuvenated and reconnected.

When doing the following exercise please note the direction that the sun is traveling in your hemisphere. In the northern hemisphere the sun is traveling from east to south, and in the southern hemisphere from east to north.


If you have missed the beginning of this journey, I would like to recommend you to go back to week 1 and actually start from the beginning. You find the first session of this alchemical journey here.

If you have missed last week, week 4, just click here to review.

If you wish to review week 3 click here

And week 2 here.

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