Welcome to the first part of a 4 month journey through the elements, and cycles of our live.  Alchemy, or the medicine wheel, has been part of humanity’s spirituality form the beginning of time and can be found from Buddhism, the traditional chinese medicine, to Mayan Healing, Incan Spirituality, Native American traditions, Celtic, Old Germanic traditions, and is even featured in popular religions including Christianity and Judaism. However this wisdom was mostly kept to the initiates, the sages, the wise ones, the healers, druids, priests, or priestesses.

Throughout history and time human beings have understood that they themeselves and the world around them is governed and made up of the elements air, fire, water, and earth.  Connected to these elements are the energies of different components of all different cycles that govern our lives, as well as sacred geometric shapes.

By deeply reconnecting to the energies of our construct we can connect to all aspects of ourselves and our world, and slowly release that which is not of us, that which is not serving our highest good and potential.  Consequently it is a journey of spiritual growth through inner journeying, and through that an empowerment and transformation process.

Over the next few weeks I will give you snippets of the work by gifting you some very simple insights and exercises.  If committed to and followed in their sequence they can become a powerful guide and tool for you to unlock all of yourself, purpose, and potential. You can only expand as far as you can journey deep within. For these little mini series of exercises to really work for you I would highly recommend you to commit to them daily for the next four month.  All you commit to is initially 5 minutes of honoring all that you are.

This week we commence this journey with the Sunrise.

It is important that you have a journal to record this journey, and how your consciousness is transforming as each week you look through a different lense.

If you enjoy the experience these little exercises and  would like to learn more about it please contact me via esther@kindledspirit.com.au


If you enjoyed the first week.  Continue the journey by viewing week 2 here


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