Having a colicky or gassy baby is stressful to the baby and to the mum.  The hardest part is that once you hit google a lot of the sites want to tell you that colic doesn’t exist… but if you have a baby that suddenly cries every afternoon from around 4pm to easily 7 or 8 pm non stop you know colic exists. If you are a mum with a windy baby I feel your stress.  I was one of you.  After the first week of newborn sleepy bliss, my little angel started to get upset and hysterically scream for hours, pulling her legs up and stiffening her back as if in utter belly pain.  Walking around the house with her, bouncing on the gym ball, massaging her belly and chanting mantras to her while channeling Reiki to her and me.  After about 2 hours I would loose it and cry with her until my husband would return, take her for the next half hour so I could cry it out, calm, collect and take her over to try and feed her.  This went on for good ten days while I researched the net, asked every mum I knew and just tried to figure out how to help her.


As my quest let me find many other mums and speak to different therapist I have come to a greater understanding of the cause behind colicky or windy babies, and what one can do to manage it, and potentially heal it.


First lets try to understand what happens on all levels, and then I will give you the (unfortunately very extensive) list of tools that when used can help you slowly make daily colic / wind pain a thing of the past.


It has become my understanding that colicky babies are highly sensitive beings, whose digestive and nervous system respond to those emotional and spiritual and psychic sensitivities.  These children are high beings who have a little harder time incarnating, and have higher anxiety levels about discomforts provided by their physical body.  In addition there could have something happened while they were in utero or during their birth that caused them a little trauma what the root cause is for your baby that is something you will have to find out, but I could identify for my little angel that she has had a sense that physical life is not safe and therefore had some base chakra issues.  She is a very high being / soul and has seemingly a harder time fitting into her body.  When you watch colicky babies closely the moment air is starting to build up and the moment they are working up a burp or a fart you see their eyes widen in anxiety of that physical sensation.


Knowing the emotional background of why your child is so sensitive and maybe doesn’t feel safe in some way and has greater fear of its physical sensations can help you as you can create positive affirmations that address the particular issue that you discovered for your child.  If you have no idea what it is you may want to see a kinesiologist who can identify the emotional  / mental / spiritual issue surrounding the gas / colic.


Although you have identified the emotional / mental plane for the physical discomfort, you still have to address the physical body to treat and manage the symptoms.


So these are the steps to follow to help your little baby:



  1. If you are breastfeeding, change your diet and eliminate every food that increases gas and allergy in your babe.
    1. What gives you or your partner gas gives your baby gas
    2. Eliminate citrus, cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, capsicum, tomato, onion, garlic, sugars, wheat, pasturised dairy, rosemary, pasta
    3. Test whether chicken and eggs upset her
    4. Avoid raw foods for a while
    5. Increase your enzyme rich foods by drinking kefir, raw milk, quality miso
    6. Eat a high fat, high protein diet
    7. Make Coconut Oil an important aspect of your diet – in a smoothie or a teaspoon in hot water.
    8. Add caraway and fennel to your veggies an meat (we basically drowned our veggies in Ghee with caraway and fennel seeds)
    9. Drink lots of peppermint, chamomile and fennel tea
    10. Only drink water and herbal teas (no juices, no lemonades etc)
    11. Address your baby’s breast feeding patterns.
      1. Is your baby getting too much foremilk? Block feed which means for 4 hours you only feed from one boob, the next 4 hours only from the other boob and see if after 3 days you see a difference.
      2. Is your baby eating non-stop? Does your baby love to suckle? Sometimes give the finger if you know you fed bubs for the last hour and the belly is all bloated and full, you don’t give the gut a chance to digest the food you’ve given bubs, so try and space the feeds a little.  So if bubs cries for food and you are not sure its because soothing due to upsetness or  because bubs is actually hungry? My little one loves to suck to soothe.  She sucked her thumb in utero but out in the world the body has not managed to coordinate the muscles until week 8 when she found her thumb again.  So although I was always against a pacifier in theory, after the recommendation of my chiropractor I gave it a go and it really helped her space her feeds to only take milk when she is hungry and give her gut a chance to digest the food
  2. Buy a quality probiotic for yourself and for your baby.  Feed your baby 2-4 grams of babybiotic powder a day spread over 3 feeding sessions. Dip your finger into the powder and let bubs lick it off.  If you are breastfeeding try and take 1-2 capsules of probiotics yourself as well.
  3. Don’t let your baby fall asleep without burping after drinking.  No matter how much you like her to just sleep now if your baby doesn’t burb that airbubble becomes trapped and causes the wind.
  4. See a chiropractor!!!  They are doing incredible work with babies and it is really gentle.  I am personally actually really scared of chiropractic treatments but the baby work is incredible and I cannot recommend it any higher.  Gas and colic has also a structural component.  Please know it took us 6 treatments in total until her gas issues were totally eliminated.  Initially we went twice a week, then once weekly then after a fortnight . The first four treatments she was always upset in the treatments and the last 2 treatments she giggled and made near purring sounds.
  5. Massage your baby’s belly and pump the legs. Only massage once the cord is well dried and separated. Use warmed oil, and add some Di-Gize Essential
    Di-Gize Young Living
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    (1-2 drops per 15ml of vegetable base oil).  You can add an additional drop of Lavender to it.  In addition vapourise Di-Gize and lavender in the room.  When you massage the belly you may start just on the right side of the belly and go from under the rips down to the hip, let one hand follow the other for a few strokes. Then gently go to the left side of the belly button and start an outwart going CLOCKWISE spiral.  It helps placing a warm/hot washer or wheat pack onto bub’s belly before you massage
  6. Place a drop of peppermint or Di-Gize on top of your breast onto your chest so that if bubs is breastfeeding he/she smells it
  7. Last resort – Marina Infant Mixture – you can get it at the chemist.  We used between 1 to 1.5ml and that was plenty – I can’t believe the recommended dose is 4ml cause we gave 1-1.5ml and our angel would calm and sleep for good 4-5 hours which is why I only gave it at night if she wouldn’t settle else.
  8. Reiki – as usual is my life saver. I gave Reiki throughout all of this. I think without it I would have gone betty myself and it kept me sane and from loosing it completely.  I could always feel when I would get too upset it would make bubs even more upset and so Reiki helped calm both our emotions and ease her pain.
  9. Astrological ways of settling your bub when upset. Discover your baby’s moon sign.  Is the moon in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) then give your baby a warm bath or take it under the shower, is the moon in earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) then swaddle your baby tight, is your baby’s moon in air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) take your baby for a drive in the car or go on the gym ball holding baby over your shoulder as you bounce gently up and down, and finally if bub’s moon is in fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) your baby likes to be among the energy of the house where its active and loud and doesn’t settle where its quiet and calm.
  10. Positive affirmations.
  11. Don’t wear deodorant or make your own.  What you put under your armpits goes straight into your glands and into your milk.  My deodorant had tangerine in there.  When it clicked I made my own using coconut, bicarb soda and Di-Gize. This way I knew that bubs would get Di-Gize in the milk. Made a huge difference.  Make sure its more liquid so there is a greater ration coconut milk to bicarb soda. I would take a similar ratio on the deodorant as on the massage oil maybe 1-2 drops extra. You can add 1 drop peppermint but make sure its highly diluted I once put peppermint straight under the armpits and could feel it burning down into my milk ducts, bub had a great day feeding though, that gave me the idea of making my own deodorant.  Be gentle and on the cautious side.



We’ve personally ended up doing all of this and by week 5 came to the tail end of the gas.  Every baby is different and this list seems overwhelmingly much but trust me it is worth it.  Yes the diet seems tough but it is only for a month or until you have the gas and colic under control.  From week 6 was I able to slowly reintroduce fruit, and more carbs, and had the occasional treat like a bran muffin.


Good luck, I know how tough it is what you are going through.  Keep calm and patient, this too shall pass.

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