Reiki in pregnancy is a god send.  Over the past 12 ye

ars of practicing Reiki, and in my last 3 years of working as a doula applying Reiki at every stage of the pregnancy and throughout the labour and delivery process I have come to witness some profound effects on the mothers as well as strong responses by the babies in utero. Remember Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle healing technique that works on body, mind and spirit.  It is rejuvenating your whole system, accelerates healing and promotes good health and a strong immune system.

In the first trimester Reiki can largely assist the mother-to-be in coping with the debilitating nauseousness, and reduce anxiety regarding the pregnancy, the life changes, the body changes, and allows her to maintain a positive state of mind. Furthermore as this is a crucial time in the babies development I am personally convinced that Reiki energy will increase the fetuses health and well-being.  When a mother-to-be receives Reiki naturally her embryo / fetus will receive Reiki as well. On a personal note in my own pregnancy the nauseousness was at times so debilitating in the first weeks that the only remedy that supported me and allowed me to get from A to B was Reiki.  I would sit in a car or on a plane and apply Reiki non-stop.  If I was to stop I felt ill, if I continued I felt well. But the nicest experience for me in my first trimester was when my husband would lie on the couch or on the bed with me and give me Reiki on my head, my chest and my abdomen.  I could feel how the Reiki especially when applied to my lower abdomen created a connection between him and baby and therefore started the bonding process from early on. If you already practice Reiki and you are pregnant and suffer from sore breasts, I would like to recommend you to actually hold your breasts and direct Reiki straight there, it was such an instant relieve for me when soreness was great. If a mother-to-be wishes to learn Reiki I would recommend to wait until the second or third trimester as often the nauseousness, headaches and tiredness is at times overwhelming and might be amplified momentarily during the Reiki attunement. In the first trimester your whole body is already going through a massive physical and energetic metamorphosis, it would be best to only receive Reiki treatments in the first trimester and learn Reiki in the second or third trimester.

In the second and third trimester Reiki continues to assists in maintaining a good health of the mother to be.  On an emotional and mental level Reiki continues to reduce anxiety, and increase a sense of well-being and inner peace. On a physical level it can reduce back pain, head aches, and other discomforts.  The most amazing thing is in these two trimesters you will observe the baby responding to Reiki.  Over the years I had the honor to support numerous pregnant women with Reiki.  Every time the baby responded to the Reiki treatment in various ways.  All mothers reported a sense of well-being and a sense that baby enjoyed the experience. I’ve also had the honor to teach and attune pregnant women to Reiki in their later trimesters.  All of them experienced a greater sense of calmness, felt the baby respond during the attunements, and they all reported a better post-natal recovery – especially when they received the Reiki attunements closer to the due date. Again seeing the amazing responses from baby in utero to receiving Reiki it is a wonderful gift if the partner of the mother-to-be practices Reiki as it allows for some bonding time between them.

Reiki in labour and at birth is absolutely amazing. Again its power to bestow inner peace on the

recipient means that when the labouring woman gets anxious, impatient, or wants to give up, Reiki really helps her to settle, find a point of stillness again, and relax into the moment.  It is like a wash of calm and peace that washes over her.  So I recommend to have a birth partner who practices Reiki and can apply Reiki to maybe labouring woman’s head and heart space in between contractions while reminding her to just focus on her breath, or to just focusing on receiving Reiki, to visualise the Reiki entering her giving her extra strength, and softening her cervix or softening her vulva for ease of stretching and pushing.

Reiki in post-natal care is again very useful.  Firstly Reiki accelerates the healing process. So whether you had a small tear, an episiotomy or a c-section Reiki will increase the healing process and allow your wounds to heal faster.  Secondly clients and students of mine have reported that when giving their lower abdomen Reiki while breastfeeding the after birth pains have been lesser and more tolerable.  Other mothers reported using Reiki on the baby when having colics and being very unsettled, or applying Reiki on their breasts when they were sore from engorgement and feeding.

With all that said, I personally believe Reiki is a powerful tool in supporting a healthy pregnancy and birth and recovery for both mother and baby.  However Reiki always works on the highest good for the soul of the recipient and the giver so know that the outcome of the Reiki treament will always mean that it is in alignment of the soul plan.

Please note that when receiving a reiki treatment during pregnancy, the treatment will be shorter then generally. Most pregnancy Reiki sessions will have a duration of 30-45 minutes instead of 50-60 minutes. Depending on the trimester of the mother this will be in an elevated lying down position, seated or lying on the side.  The mother is invited to move as much as she requires for comfort levels.

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