Change – the only constant in this world. In the past 12 months I can see how many of my friends, family, students are faced with incredible change or worse complete still stand being pressed for change by spirit by throwing them against the wall. This includes change in job, residence, career, circumstances, health… you name it. What is called for is a complete change…

From what I could observe the ones suffering the most are the ones who are resisting the call for change. People who still strive for the same things, who hold onto their made plans, perceived purpose, way of “wanting” to live, or ideas how they “should” live and do not let go and therefore are drowned by the change of the new current that is their life.

Change is an opportunity to grow. It is an opportunity to see the world from new perspective, to learn something new about yourself, about the world.

However, going through change of life and circumstances is not easy. Especially if we like to control everything. So I am not saying it is meant to be easy, or that it is easy… well depending on your perception and what you choose to think, what you choose to believe. So, in order to allow for the transition and surrender we need to go through a process, and allow our plans, schemes, ideas and perspectives to change.

So what makes me qualified to talk about coping with change? Giving you a personal example , I am only 33 yet I have lived in 9 cities across 6 countries and have just moved into a new city and country. In addition I have changed careers already 3 times, and had to adhoc learn new languages.

Some of those moves were planned, others just happened – or say circumstances forced the change, and I had to go with the greater plan that spirit had in mind and abandon my own grand schemes. Just as an example just before I moved recently to Jakarta, I have spent 2 years pouring all my resources and my sweat and tears into my business Kindled Spirit in Australia – setting up shop in 2 locations, while studying intensely, so naturally my grand plan was to really build those two locations and hopefully come to a point that I can build a clinic together with fellow practitioners or work from home in 2 years as I was envisioning myself in a beautiful beach house somewhere on the Central Coast with a sweat lodge in the backyard. Yet here I am – in Jakarta Indonesia – a city that is everything but what I was looking for or planned for myself yet I feel deeply inside of myself that creator answered our prayers in a very creative way – a way that I could have and never would have walked and dreamed of – and that this is indeed where we can fulfill our purpose, and I feel deep down that it is exactly where we are meant to be.

But so how do you reconcile your WANT and your MEANT TO BE / DESTINED PATH to be able to surrender? Or did we indeed manifest what is currently happening in our lives.  Again going back to my personal example – Jakarta is gifting us with a great opportunity to travel, to travel for work, to learn more, and to learn about new traditional medicine / healing.  Now our manifestation chart has always spoken exactly about that – traveling extensively for heightened spiritual experiences and traveling for work.  This is exactly what we have manifested. We have had just a different expectation of how this would manifest – as we have put paradigms onto the places, locations, time lines.  Yet in essence we have manifested our vision board, and creator has answered it in line with our destiny and purpose.  This example just shows that focused thougth and vision boards work to a degree, but we need to allow flexibility in timing and in how it is manifested.

Also what I am trying to say is that no change is not easy at first – for no one. It is often putting us through fear, anxiety, maybe apprehension, or resentment or anger before we can actively embrace it. If we surrender to creators plans for us and the change that is created in our circumstances and actively embrace change then we answer to the natural law of this world.

Our world is created in cycles. We have four seasons, four directions, we have a beginning and an end. Without an end there cannot be a new beginning. Our life needs to by cyclical yet if we are trying to approach it with a linear outlook with which we are fighting the change and the opportunities we will crumble, fail, get depressed, unhappy, miserable…. EVERYTHING in life happens for a purpose… nothing happens for nothing….

So if you are some of the unlucky beings who are feeling stuck as if nothing is moving you will have to create change… you will have to leap into something new. Remember a still pool of water will ultimately turn and rod yet, life is abundant in moving bodies of water… your life needs to become a moving body of water…. So create movement and change… answer the call for changing house, career, changing the way you live daily life… change your routines to gift you a new thought pattern…. Change will rejuvenate and bring you happiness… rather

So when I moved over to Jakarta I naturally went through the natural stages… anxiety, resentment, anger, surrender, and now all these wonderful things are happening to me, and I can see the beauty that this city holds… it is a rich place filled with colour, culture, joy, new perspectives…

So how do I cope with change? First of all I am making an active and conscious choice to embrace the change that I feel in my gut is needed. I am making a conscious choice to the the opportunity, the light, the positive – and not get hung up by what is not there. I completely shift my focus on what is there, and therefore let go of “lack” or negative.

This is largely assisted by giving myself plenty of Reiki, praying, small ceremony, meditation, finishing

the day and starting the day with GRATITUDE and – yes SURRENDERING – as the other activities have given me such trust and faith in spirit and life that I no longer resist my current life experiences ? and therefore they gift me an open mind, heart, and being to let all the new things flow in abundantly.

So how can you change your thoughts and attitudes about your life and your perspective? This is where tools like meditation and Reiki come in. When we are able to focus our thought, our mind, our energy, as we learn in meditation and Reiki, then we can make a conscious choice what to focus our thoughts and emotions on and not let our thoughts drag us down in fear, apprehension, negativity. Reiki also works with the energy of unconditional love and compassion. And therefore increases our consciousness, our awareness of the truth behind the fear, anger and delusion and therefore it guides us, lifting us out of the blame game and victim game of “circumstances” and “but he, but she’ and allows us to take responsibility for our life.

As spiritual beings, as spirit beings experiencing physical life, we are all powerful creators, we all are responsible for our own physical life. So don’t hand the responsibility over to god. God / creator gave you the gift of life, the gift of manifestation and creation. Mind over matter. Where your thought or better you deep believe goes energy flows. So in that sense yes we do surrender to a destiny in that sense because our souls incarnated with a plan, and creator is doing the best to help us achieve that soul learning or purpose. But sometimes EGO gets in the way and we become confused as to what we want, and what is actually our purpose / destiny. Also yes there is a power to pray to God / creator / spirit, but we can’t just pray and not change anything.  Its like you want to order room service free of charge.  God is not just gonna drop the order into your lap if you don’t elevate yourself and follow the natural cycle of life and evolve yourself.

So stop listening to your destructive negative thoughts. It is time you focus on the light. And get your head out of the darkness.

Focus on everything you are grateful for. From a wonderful meal, to a great sibbling, to a roof over your head. As simple as it seems in a western world it is not all that simple and basic. Start feeling gratitude for the little things again. But this is a whole other subject.

Change is needed now. 2012 is the year to make changes and raise your consciousness into the light, into positive thinking and believing. It is the year of truth, the year where we are forced to make changes that are in line with our purpose, destiny otherwise the dark will consume us. So take the leap of faith MAKE THE CHANGE or SURRENDER TO IT.

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