Our children are our future, and through the act of conscious conception, pregnancy and birth we can change the world we live in, as we prepare the way for high frequency beings.

Conscious Conception is a multi-dimensional field.  Through the act of consciously and aware conceiving our children by connecting with their   souls pre-conception, and by clearing our body mind and spirit of toxicity, old patterning and emotions we can provide a child with their full potential, and bring through high frequency beings, and old souls.

Conscious Pregnancy builds u

pon the conscious conception as we maintain a clear vessel, and work on our emotional state and clearing any new emotions and trauma, while supporting our body mind and spirit through nutrition, spiritual practice, bodywork and movement.

Conscious Birth is supporting the parents in their birth choices. As Robin Lim from Yayasan Bumi Sehat in Bali says, we can create peace on earth through peaceful non-violent birthing.  Learn about your birth options, make clear decisions and plans, but surrender to the birth flow and process as it unfolds and therefore surrender to the choice and destiny your child has chosen for its pathway.

As Esther-Maria Lindner is guiding you through the different stages of your moments of creation she will guide you to address different believe systems and patterns, support you with private coaching, readings, channeled meditations, ceremony, and spiritual healing, depending on spirits guidance, and requirement of the individual mother / couple / child.

If you feel drawn to connect with your unborn child before birth, or are interested in preparing for a peaceful birth and peaceful post-natal period please contact Esther-Maria as she will happily support you through every stage and answer any of your questions.


Please note in 2016 there are a few Conscious Conception Journeys coming up. A 2 Day Workshop that will be held in QLD Australia and a 7 Day Program that will be held at the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. Please contact me or Findhorn for more information.

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