This last weekend I have had the honor once again to teach and share the gift of Reiki with a handful of

beautiful womeni.

As with all the workshops before this one, we discussed the spiritual principles of Reiki Jin Kei Do (RKJD) as your red line on your way to conscious living, the history of Reiki, Reiki in your daily life, etc.  Discussing these points has really once again given myself an extra layer of understanding. It has given me an extra layer of truth that has awakened inside of me.  It has shown me how through the gift of Reiki the last 11 years have been truly and deeply healing on all levels, and has enabled me to understand my truth, my purpose, and has significantly reduced my fears, my anxieties, and therefore my suffering.

So how can Reiki help you with greater awareness, reduce your suffering and assist you in your conscious living?

Firstly lets review the first two spiritual principles of Reiki. Be mindful each moment of your day…:

  • to observe the arising of greed anger and delusion, looking deeper for their true cause.
  • to appreciate the gift of life, and be compassionate to all beings.

These principles alone suggest that as Reiki flows within you, and as you are practicing self-healing on a frequent basis, whenever your feelings arise you start being honest with yourself, and instead of getting caught in the story and the drama of your life, blaming the boss, the neighbour, the friend, the partner, you ask yourself, why am I really angry? What fear did that person trigger in me? What are we playing out here? What is the true cause of my feeling? When we understand our own suffering, and the more we become aware what we feel, when we feel, and just become conscious of when we are reacting to when we are.  We will understand our own suffering.  We will slowly learn what our believes are underneath our thoughts.  If we understand that we will naturally understand that we are creating our own suffering, and therefore we also understand that everyone around us is suffering.  The person we were angry with or who displayed rage to us, is suffering and is trapped in their own delusions.  Understanding that will lead us to true compassion and therefore diffuse some of our destructive behaviours, or allow us to break our cycles and patterns.

Secondly, the Reiki energy is of pure divine love.  It is calming, bringing deep levels of peace into us.  When we are in deep relaxation, and feel calm, we no longer fear the future or the past, but are able to experience the here and now.  Living in the here and now means we can create a new future and therefore break our hamster wheel over time.

So how to start the Reiki Jin Kei Do path and where from here? How far do you have to take the Reiki Journey?

To be honest, I personally deeply believe that Reiki Level 1 is all you need on your path to self healing.  In

Reiki Level 1 you learn all the essentials for your self-healing and looking after your friends and family.  Personally I would only recommend Reiki students to take the next level, Level 2, if they wish to either treat the public, meaning taking paying customers, or if the students have family and friend overseas they wish to send distant healing to, there are traumas in the past or even in the family tree that the student wishes to heal, or simply they have a strong calling in their hearts (not their minds) to take a deeper journey into themselves and in their connection with Reiki.

Please know that as with everything in life you need to  build a strong foundation.  You need to slowly build your skill set and give the energy its time to integrate.  I personally believe that students are best advised to allow 3-6 months minimum between Reiki Level 1 and Reiki Level 2, and should allow several years to integrate the energy and really work with the energy before taking the step of Reiki Mastery. Time is of the essence.  For example if you are currently an old house with old electrical wiring do you really want to put highest voltages possible through those wires? Or do you slowly want to upgrade that house and then with every upgrade get more bandwidth.  There have been plenty of stories within the spiritual community of people who have received too many attunements to shortly after each other and has consequently blown their gasket, and literally sent them into mental illnesses.  Reiki is not dangerous, but why would you rush it? Why not master a skill before learning the next that builds upon the first skill? In order to get to the top of a set of stairs you will have to take one step after the other.  Also you are missing out on incredible life experiences if you choose to miss a step.

So where does Buddho EnerSense come into all of this? Buddho EnerSense is really the next step after Reiki Jin Kei Do Level 2.  It is bringing you closer to the true origins of Reiki.  Consequently it requires the foundation build through Reiki 1 &2.  Buddho EnerSense is increasing your awarness, and consciousness to new levels. Through the meditations, movements and symbols learned in Buddho EnerSense you truly learn how to move the energy, it is your pathway to consciousness, your pathway to enlightenment.  It is solidifying your experience and your commitment to your own journey with the energy and finding inner peace. The original name of the method is BUDDHO, which in the context of this system means “the energy of enlightenment,” or “the seed of enlightenment.” Dr Ranga Premaratna has given this system the alternative name of ENERSENSE made from the words Energy, Sensation, and Sense because it brings into focus the essence of the teachings and provides a neutral definition.

This leads me to my believe about how and why people should or should not consider Reiki Mastery. I believe Reiki mastery is a huge step in your own personal self-mastery.  If you are coming from an ego perspective where you just want to be a Reiki Master because of status, or just want to complete something but don’t actually want to teach it, the energy will not support you, but probably just bring a lot of challenges into your life – or you might not even have a significant experience in your mastery. Same if you merely want to do Reiki Mastery for financial purposes, and see it as an investment and want to calculate your returns, Reiki Mastery is not for you.

However if you feel the calling to do Reiki Mastery.  If you feel the calling to teach Reiki, if you feel that Reiki is truly part of your every day life, and that you live it, walk it, are it, then Reiki Mastery is for you.  Reiki Mastery is also about honoring the Reiki Masters who have gone before us to make it possible to have Reiki in our lives.  It is about honoring the lineage in which you have trained, as some Reiki Masters have dedicated 50-80 years of their lives to create the lineage in which you have been trained.  Now think about this for a moment – how old are you? What is the longest you’ve studied or held a job? Now these Reiki Masters like Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr. Chujiru Hayashi, Seiji Takamori, etc, have dedicated their whole lives to bring Reiki Jin Kei Do into our lives.  Are you prepared to honor their teachings?

Some people might call me a purist, but working with different ancient healing practices and ceremony for over a decade, I do believe that there is something powerful in the ancient ways.  There is a reason why certain ceremonies, or certain procedures are done the way they are done.  There is a power in the sequence of symbols and there is a power in the sequence of your training with your Reiki Master. So if you train in Reiki Jin Kei Do and are feeling deeply inside you wish to take the next level in your self-healing try the Buddho EnerSense Level 1 & 2.

If you started the journey with a traditional Reiki lineage, but sudden feel a connection to the New Age Reikis I highly recommend you to retrain with one of their Masters from the beginning, allowing you to work with their energies, their symbols and again taking it step by step and not take any short cuts in your training.  As energies and the attunements in particularly build up on each other. I feel you will not be able to fully gain the depth of a lineage, if you jump ahead. Why would you feel the need to jump ahead? Why would you feel the need to take a short cut?

So how do you find the right Reiki Master to train you? Below are some questions that might stimulate your thinking and what you might like to ask the Reiki Jin Kei Do Master in question.

Good luck on your journey.

Can you define what RJKD is and where it comes from?

A teacher should be fully conversant with the origins of the discipline and be able to define the principles and terminology, such as what RJKD means, where did the term come from, who chose it?

Is it a clinical healing system or a spiritual path?

A teacher should know clearly where the parameters of the system are, what types of spiritual practices are within the tradition, how it can work as a healing system.

Does it differ from the other lineages of Reiki, and if so how?

The lineage teachings make no claim to be “better” than any other, but there are differences. Remember, genuine teachers of the lineage are not “selling” or marketing this lineage of Reiki. They simply practice and teach it.

What is the teacher’s Lineage?

The teacher should be able to trace their lineage back to Dr Usui and have in this line of teachers, Venerable Seiji Takamori and Dr Ranga J Premaratna.

Do you teach other styles of Reiki, and if so what?

RJKD holds very close to the teachings as handed down by Venerable Seiji Takamori. If a teacher also teaches Reiki relating to other forms of “New Age” Reiki, it may be questionable how authentic their RJKD material is.

Footnote: Channelled and New Age Systems include: Seichem, Sechem, Tera-Mai, Karuna, Rainbow, Atlantean, Grecian, Angelic, etc.

What format does the training take?

There are some generally accepted guidelines that have come from the Lineage Head including course content, minimum hours of training, minimum time between levels etc. Are the teachings being presented in addition to other Reiki Degrees or Reiki lineages? If so, be aware that there are no pre-requisites to doing RJKD, and it is a complete system in itself.

What is the class size?

The size is kept to an appropriate number to allow for quality teaching and personal attention.

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