This is a little personal reflection on my journey with the Arvigo Technique of Mayan Abdominal Therapy. What triggered the sharing of my own story so publicly is that I have personally managed to heal my own reproductive and digestive conditions through the help of combination of therapies which western medicine would have never acknowledged.

In my own practice I meet many women who have been traumatised, just as I was, on their journey to natural ferility, painful symptomatology of reproductive conditions, and a strive to conception.

It is sad to see that in the western world so few women know of the natural therapies available to them and by the time they literally only stumble upon them they are so raw emotionally that they give up as they just can’t handle any more psychologically / emotionally.

So what is my story then and how did I heal and manage my conditions?

Well my digestive health was tested significantly from young age, even pre-menstrual.  Due to eating disorders that I got really young from the pressures of ballet, I’ve had a screwed up relationship with food and the elemination of it from young on.  The constant starvation then binging has taken its tall on my digestive and I’ve had surgery at the age of 13.

In addition the beginning of my menstruation, although celebrated by my family as a coming of age, was nevertheless quite traumatic. For some reason the day before my period my blood pressure and blood sugar would always plummet and I would faint – every month, in the mornings on the bus on my way to school! This fainting was then followed by a 7-9 day period with super pains.  Naturally the western medicine could not help it in other ways then putting me on the pill.

The next 11 years on the pill saw me feeling more and more disconnected from being a women, from my sexual sensations and an overall numbness seemed to surround me, until I decided to ditch the contraceptive pill for good at the age of 25. And that was the best decision ever. Although the contraceptive pill was meant to manage my PCOS it actually did nothing for me.  At the age of 21 I have had to have surgery on both ovaries removing 7 cysts on the one and 9 on the other ovary.  Thanks to Reiki my recovery was according to the surgeon much faster then he would have anticipated.

In addition to the PCOS I’ve suffered from typical light symptomatology of Endometriosis, and so my struggle with extreme painful periods starting a day before the flow and strong PMS symptoms continued for nearly another decade.  Although Reiki helped me with the pain management the cysts returned at the age of 29, when I have had to experience a burst cyst.  A pain that I would not wish onto my worst enemy.  At about that time a friend of mine told me about Andrea Lopez who was doing these Mayan Abdominal Treatments which according to my friend really supported her with her IBS and also the reproductive system.   And as I’ve been over doctors telling me that the only thing they can do is put me on the contraceptive pill or perform surgery I was more then happy to give Andrea a go.

My journey with her was amazing.  From the first treatment onwards I started feeling more connected with my female aspect of myself again.  I

felt empowered of my health, as she taught me how to massage my own belly, and how to apply a castor oil pack.  Already after 2 treatements did I feel significant, positive changes – my food sensitivity seemed reduced, my chronic constipation seemed relieved and my blood flow during menstruation changed.  After initial monthly visits, I’ve been seeing Andrea for about 2 years on an infrequent basis while religiously applying my self-care.  In that time my period pain was massively reduced, my cysts on my ovaries were significantly reduced, and overal my health has significantly improved.

In 2010 Andrea brought out teachers of the Arvigo Therapy of Mayan Abdominal Therapy (ATMAT) form the US to teach clients of the Australian practitioners the theory behind ATMAT and how to perform self-care, teaching us some additional methods and even covering the profound support of herbs and tinctures with this.

Naturally, the nerd that I am, I’ve religously applied the self-care and continued to see another ATMAT practitioner twice yearly as Andrea moved to the Sunshine Coast, and in late 2010 I for the first time in my life have been 100% clear of ovarian cysts!!!  If you have ever suffered from PCOS you know what astonishing achievement that is.  In addition I have come to such strong awareness on how my pelvis responds to my emotional life, and to my personal care.  On a month where I did not perform all the self-care and was stressed my painful periods and heavy painful pelvis days before menstruation returned, and on months where I performed self-care and lived a balanced life I could go about my life during my period. Consequently the Arvigo Technique of Mayan Abdominal Therapy changed my life, which is why I signed up for the practitioner course run for the first time in Australia in January 2011.  Having personally experienced the powerful healing of ATMAT I felt driven to support women in through this work in the same manner as did Andrea for me.

It’s now been a little over a year since the first batch of Australian practitioners graduated from ATMAT, and it is sad to see that still today barely anyone knows about this powerful modality.  Clients who’ve stumbled upon me in the past year all said the same “Why didn’t we know about this?”

So here is my story, to showcase to you that healing is possible! Each and every ATMAT Practitioner stands testament to that as each and every practitioner was guided to do this work through their own personal healing.

Now if you wish to learn more about the Arvigo Technique of Mayan Abdominal therapy.  Call me on 0423949377 or email me on

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