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Welcome to the first part of a 4 month journey through the elements, and cycles of our live.  Alchemy, or the medicine wheel, has been part of humanity’s spirituality form the beginning of time. By deeply reconnecting to the energies of our construct we can connect to all aspects of ourselves.
Introduction to Inner Alchemy

Conscious Conception

Our children are our future, and through the act of conscious conception, pregnancy and birth we can change the world we live in, as we prepare the way for high frequency beings.
What Is Conscious Conception?

Maya Abdominal Therapy

Ancient healing methods using external, non-invasive manipulation through massage and stretches to guide reproductive organs and pelvic bone structure into their proper position
Who can it help?

Psychic Tarot Reading

I offer two different types of readings: 1/ 30 minute, $55 reading via skype or in person or 2/ an email Mini Reading that focuses on one area in your life, and will be sent to you as an email or mp3 file.  
Looking for guidance in your life?

Doula Work

It is my aim of any doula for the birthing woman / couple to have her / their best possible birth experience and to make the journey into parenthood as smooth as possible.
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Reiki Jin Kei Do

Reiki is a simple yet profound healing modality that can be used as standalone, but also support of all other forms natural and western medicine. Reiki energy is healing energy accessed by the practitioner, who directs the energy to the client.
What is it and who can it help?

Kindled Spirit was founded on the vision to kindle people’s spirit, awaken their soul to their purpose, and inspiring them to take responsibility of their life’s healing and happiness.

Introduction to Inner Alchemy – Week 13 – Earth

Introduction to Inner Alchemy – Week 13 – Earth

The past 3 months we travelled through 3 different gateways of the sun, 3 different elemental gateways.  We explored the heart and mind energies, we explored our spirit, our courage and we explored our intuition and depth of emotion, in formulating our purpose and divine inspiration for manifestation.  This week we enter the gateway of the night, the gateway of winter, the gateway of earth and ancestors. This week we start the anchoring process of our mental emotional spiritual energies on the physical plane, and allow it the time it needs to blossom.   If you have not seen all of the videos that come before this week, I would highly recommend you to begin the journey at the beginning or fill in any blanks in between.  Here links to the sessions that have gone before this weeks’: Week 1, Week 9 Week 8 Week 7 Week 6 Week 5 Week 4 Week 3 Week...
Conscious Conception – Communicate with your future baby

Conscious Conception – Communicate with your future baby

What do you know about the spiritual component of conception? Have you ever looked beyond the sperm and egg? What do you know about the spirit, the soul of your baby? Way before the physical components – sperm and egg – come together, the spirit of a baby to be, the soul of a ready to be re-incarnated being is making contact with either the mother to be, the father to be, or both.  These souls or spirits link themselves to the energy field of their parents to start connecting, building a relationship and getting ready to be born. Generally these spirits have either a karmic link to us, in that we have had many lifetimes with each other and through some act of kindness they’ve been attracted to us, or the spirit of the baby can be of angelic existence being curious to physically experience life in order to be of greater service to humanity moving forward, or the spirit baby merely chooses us because there is something important it needs to learn from or through us – or something important it needs to teach us. Sometimes this can be as simple as the child wishing to learn a particular human skill, such as a sport or an instrument, or as advanced as a conducive environment to nurture a future priest, nun, healer, business person, president…. Naturally, understanding that the spirit, the soul of our child-to-be, is in our energy field pre-conception, in order to facilitate easier conception and smooth the transition of incarnation for our baby connection and communication with our child-to-be is an important aspect of...
Vaginal Steam or Yoni Steam

Vaginal Steam or Yoni Steam

Yes you have read that correctly –  YONI STEAM!!! A yoni steam is the greatest gift a woman can gift herself and a long lost ancient healing method that has been used and has been taught by women and birth workers from different traditions around the globe. A vaginal steam has traditionally been, and should once again be, an essential weekly ritual to maintain reproductive wellbeing, to manage any reproductive pathologies, to prevent reproductive pathologies and to reconnect to her divine feminine. As a practitioner of the Arvigo Technique of Mayan Abdominal Therapy and having personally done plenty of yoni steams myself, I can more then HIGHLY recommend any woman to do at least one, and best 4-8 steams a cycle depending on her individual cycle.  It supports women on ALL LEVELS.  Body, mind and spirit. Here are some key benefits of a yoni steam: regulates menstruation warms your womb and your ovaries (barefoot walking especially on cold tiles and other cold floors chills ovaries and impacts their health and fertility) tones the womb assists when experiencing dry vagina during intercourse assists with period pain, chronic pelvic pain, endometriosis (steam the first day just at the first onset and / or day before your bleed) assist with IVF and as well as natural conception – steam the day before implantation (IVF) or steam the day before or morning of ovulation – before intercourse assist with flushing of the vagina from residue / old blood do when suffering from any of these – fibroids, polyps, PCOS, cysts, menopause, vaginal infections, yeast infections supports pelvic bowl health and tone reconnects you to your...
Introduction to Inner Alchemy Part 1

Introduction to Inner Alchemy Part 1

Welcome to the first part of a 4 month journey through the elements, and cycles of our live.  Alchemy, or the medicine wheel, has been part of humanity’s spirituality form the beginning of time and can be found from Buddhism, the traditional chinese medicine, to Mayan Healing, Incan Spirituality, Native American traditions, Celtic, Old Germanic traditions, and is even featured in popular religions including Christianity and Judaism. However this wisdom was mostly kept to the initiates, the sages, the wise ones, the healers, druids, priests, or priestesses. Throughout history and time human beings have understood that they themeselves and the world around them is governed and made up of the elements air, fire, water, and earth.  Connected to these elements are the energies of different components of all different cycles that govern our lives, as well as sacred geometric shapes. By deeply reconnecting to the energies of our construct we can connect to all aspects of ourselves and our world, and slowly release that which is not of us, that which is not serving our highest good and potential.  Consequently it is a journey of spiritual growth through inner journeying, and through that an empowerment and transformation process. Over the next few weeks I will give you snippets of the work by gifting you some very simple insights and exercises.  If committed to and followed in their sequence they can become a powerful guide and tool for you to unlock all of yourself, purpose, and potential. You can only expand as far as you can journey deep within. For these little mini series of exercises to really work for...
Esther-Maria Lindner

Esther-Maria Lindner

One can only become a healer if one can heal thyself.  The path to the present was long and has required strength, courage, faith, optimism and the ability to look into ones own darkness of the soul.  However every lesson and every personal tribulation that has come up over the years would have been the greatest teacher of all. I am based in Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. However I am available for phone and Skype consults and readings too.

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